THE SDG ACTION ZONE IS THE FOREMOST COLLABORATIVE SPACE FOR ENGAGING WORLD LEADERS AND EMERGING LEADERS to supercharge and accelerate solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are at an inflection point for people and planet, one that is testing our very humanity, solidarity and progress on sustainable development. People everywhere are now demanding a better future for our world. While the current moment of global crises poses great risks, it also offers the opportunity for sweeping systemic changes on the scale being demanded by so many people and required to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the course of three days during the UN General Assembly, the SDG Action Zone convenes leading thinkers, actors, creators, and activists through frank debate, challenging discussions, inspiring showcases and creative experiences to drive the exponential change on three core areas for accelerating action on the Goals: People, Planet and Partnerships.

22-24 September 2020


The SDG Action Zone brings together traditional UN constituencies and people that have never attended UNGA.

Speakers are experts in their field, leading figures and effective activists representing a wide range of perspectives in society including diversity across sectors, geography, gender, race, religion, cultures and more.

These voices are inspirational leaders, national and local government representatives, young people, business, academia, multilateral organisations, civil society, activists, advocates, media, journalists, entrepreneurs, sports organisations, creatives, UN agencies, faith leaders, voluntary networks – movers, shakers, doers, connectors and multipliers!


The SDG Action Zone provides the space for deeper dives into what can and needs to be achieved, with a keen focus on how we get there through expanded mobilisation, collaboration, and tangible and accelerator solutions and actions.

The crowd-sourced program includes big picture discussions, deep dive dialogues, interactive workshops, lightning talks, UN digests, performances and immersive experiences, in order to:

  • Highlight scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges
  • Explore debates critical to a sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and the related social and economic crises
  • Elevate a diversity of leaders and voices from across regions, sectors and generations
  • Spur collective action on the critical interventions needed for an equitable, just and sustainable future

The SDG Action Zone is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Government of Germany, Project Everyone, and the United Nations Foundation.

Additional thanks to: Nadira Hira (Master of Ceremonies), Treatment Studio (Graphics), Ary Werthein and Agustin Iacona of Imawamusic (Sound), Christian Huguenot of Inside Shot Productions (Videography), TheVirtual.Show (Platform) and Chris Gadbury (Visual Scribe).